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Eckhoff Construction meets all clients’ demands and requests with total professionalism. That is one of the biggest differences we have compared to other outdoor living and remodeling companies. Our projects are highly regarded because of the quality we produce in them. We make our designs in a very artistic manner and make sure that we install them with precision. We have your safety in mind, that’s why we make sure that our projects are done with no room for mistakes. One such example is our installations of porches that really add a kick to your home’s appeal and functionality.

As an additional service to our customers, we offer free estimates on every service we provide to those who want to try our services. Once you contact us regarding our services, we go to your homes and have an in-depth study of the kind of installations you need. Then, we make an agreement and understanding as to what you want us to do. Whether it is a repair or an installation, we are happy to serve you.

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    custom decks Missouri
    custom decks Missouri
    Home owners are fast picking up on the growing popularity of home improvement solutions. One of these is the installation of custom decks which functions for many different purposes. Decks are ideal home additions since they can be alternative function areas for varied activities, such as social events or family activities. Read More
    fence installation and repair Missouri
    fence installation and repair Missouri
    There are many reasons why we need to put up fences around our properties. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to have our place all to ourselves. With crimes happening anytime, anywhere, it is just normal for us to be overly concerned with our lives, our welfare. Or, perhaps we just highly value our privacy. Another is to safeguard our properties from damage and theft. Besides, fences also work to prevent some things from going outside the boundaries that may wreak havoc on other people’s possessions. Read More

    Location: We are located in Columbia, Missouri and serve the surrounding areas.

    Phone: (573) 808-3181