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We Build the Best Custom Decks in Missouri

Home owners are fast picking up on the growing popularity of home improvement solutions. One of these is the installation of custom decks which functions for many different purposes. Decks are ideal home additions since they can be alternative function areas for varied activities, such as social events or family activities. Aside from this, there is the effective elimination of disorganized indoor surroundings since most play and fun activities are implemented outdoors. Plus, there is no more fear of breaking valuable possessions.

Eckhoff Construction is an innovative custom deck designing and installing company. We create our designs based on the layout of the surroundings, and make sure that our projects are installed to blend with the whole area. Security is one of our key considerations in all our installations because we value our clients’ safety.

Some of the decks we build are cedar deck projects that are really gaining popularity with a lot of homeowners. The wood quality is superb, and the natural color of the material is an ideal blend with the surroundings. Plus, it can be enhanced with various solutions such as finishing and sealants. Another is our low maintenance decks which makes use of materials that do not require constant repair and maintenance. You can choose from vinyl, aluminum, or other materials that are ideally used for this particular decking.

We use the best kind of materials and guarantee that they are environment-friendly. We offer an assortment of materials to choose from, and all are guaranteed to function optimally. Our craftsmen are aware of the needs of our customers, thus, they produce work that is fully-satisfying. When our work is done, your satisfaction is a guarantee.

Eckhoff Construction also provides services on fences. Whether fence installations or just repairs, our company assures you of services that are top-of-the-line in quality. You may choose from our available materials for your fencing needs. All projects come at reasonable rates.