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There are numerous construction companies who provide a wide range of options in custom built installations. Each offer their services followed with guarantees of quality services. Thus, it is normal to have a hard time to locate the best contractor who can generate what each customer needs. Headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, we are a company who not only delivers guaranteed results but also ensure that our projects meet our customers’ demands and more.

Eckhoff Construction LLC is an owner-operated remodeling and construction business. It is owned by Neil Eckhoff who formally established it in 2003. In earlier years, the owner gathered a useful stack of experiences and knowledge regarding construction. With this handy information at hand, he decided to put it into use, and be of service to the general public.

His father was a custom home builder and remodeler for 30 years. While growing up with his father, he learned the ins and outs of building houses and residential construction. At the same time, he was also instilled with important principles and values, which is now his foundation in running his business. His works are always based on Christian values, superior customer service, honesty, dependability, trustworthiness, and how to listen and understand the needs and wants of a customer. This is the difference that Eckhoff Construction has, and which makes us ahead of the others.

Eckhoff Construction LLC has constructed hundreds of decks and fences since the start of operation. Despite the variety of the projects we have done, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative methods and solutions to implement in our projects. Thus, our designs and installations are revolutionizing the industry. Customers have always expressed their satisfaction with the results of our work.

Our services are boundless. We specialize in a lot of areas. Outdoor living and home improvement remodeling is our specialty. We have various services in this area. One of these is designing and building custom decks that are definitely great additions to homes. With our custom decks, customers have expressed the range of activities they can do, allowing them more freedom and space for these. Another is fence installations for all kinds of purposes. Likewise, we have different services for this. We also use different materials depending on what our customers are looking for.

In addition, we also provide the following services:

  • Construct barns
  • Build garages
  • Basement finishing
  • Home remodeling
  • New home construction

All our services are very affordable. Initially, we offer free quotes on what you need after we do a routine check-up on your area. We work within and around your budgets in order for us to meet halfway and provide you what you desire without having to spend excessively. We provide services in Columbia, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. We are the prime outdoor living and construction specialist throughout the mid – Missouri, to date.

custom decks Missouri
custom decks Missouri
Home owners are fast picking up on the growing popularity of home improvement solutions. One of these is the installation of custom decks which functions for many different purposes. Decks are ideal home additions since they can be alternative function areas for varied activities, such as social events or family activities. Read More
fence installation and repair Missouri
fence installation and repair Missouri
There are many reasons why we need to put up fences around our properties. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to have our place all to ourselves. With crimes happening anytime, anywhere, it is just normal for us to be overly concerned with our lives, our welfare. Or, perhaps we just highly value our privacy. Another is to safeguard our properties from damage and theft. Besides, fences also work to prevent some things from going outside the boundaries that may wreak havoc on other people’s possessions. Read More

Location: We are located in Columbia, Missouri and serve the surrounding areas.

Phone: (573) 808-3181